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IWORK Industries Pty Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of it’s new website IDRILL®

As Australia’s very own online commercial environment for the Drilling Industry, IDRILL® represents a truly unique advertising platform that easily connects brands and consumers while they go about their business.

Designed by IWORK Industries Pty Ltd and IDRILL® members and masterfully created by Titan Web, IDRILL® is the active and attractive user friendly commercial environment for the Australian Drilling Industry. Linking individuals, opportunities, products and brands in the one easy to use place.

As a media vehicle, IDRILL® offers a strong brand, a trusted online environment with a deep relationship with its members, providing brands the ability to engage with customers based on their industry needs. Blend that with a huge and focussed reach, rich data and consumer openess, you have one of the strongest advertising propositions.

The Australian Drilling Industry has moved through a continual cycle of boom and bust, forcing companies to develop practices to stay in business, while having to develop new strategies to combat ongoing climatic, operational and safety concerns. In addition, training crews in order to stay in touch with the latest client and project requirements.

The need to monitor Drilling industry trends, opinions and more in a volatile world economy has never been more important. This culminated in the establishment of IDRILL® in 2013 and with over 2 years of intensive market research, communication and development with the Australian Drilling Industry on a daily basis, the tailored IDRILL® website and concept is set to create an online community of Drilling Industry personnel and companies who can share information and opportunities, firstly in Australia and then further globally afield.

IDRILL® is a purpose built Drilling Industry network and online commercial space developed for the Australian Drilling Industry that allows its members to have a voice, with instantaneous attention and response of the entire Australian Drilling Industry via the extensive IDRILL® online networks.

IDRILL® has incorporated a ‘Share’ function throughout the website, utilising our members own social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Email to help spread and display your advertisements.

Our employment noticeboard ‘Jobs’ will focus on ALL employment opportunities associated with the Australian Drilling Industry including but not limited to;

  • Offshore drilling and crew jobs
  • Blast hole drilling and crew jobs
  • Exploration drilling and crew jobs
  • Foundation drilling and crew jobs
  • Underground drilling and crew jobs
  • Geotechnical drilling and crew jobs
  • Environmental drilling and crew jobs
  • Oil and Gas drilling and crew jobs
  • All Drilling Industry supporting jobs such as but not limited to; Offsiding, Drill assistant, Supervisors, Project Managers, Serviceman, Fitter/maintenance, Roustabout, Roughneck and many many more.

Global ambitions We are an Australian company but IDRILL® is a global concept. Following the launch in Australia, Stage 2 and 3 operations, which cover the America’s and Europe, we aim to include the Drilling industry the world over. With our global operations the goal is to assist all individuals involved in the drilling industry, no matter where they are located.

IDRILL® aims to develop continually evolving services in association with the Drilling Industry the World over. These services will facilitate communication with those who provide and perform the relevant technical services and activities involved in the Australian Drilling Industry.

The IDRILL® ’Jobs’ page will focus on compiling a comprehensive database of all drilling disciplines and their available positions within the Australian drilling industry, Our No.1 goal is to develop and promote an open line of communication with the Australian Drilling Industry through the following channels:

  •   IDRILL® Website
  •   IDRILL® Australia Facebook page
  •   IDRILL® Online on Instagram
  •   IDRILL® Australia on Twitter
  •   IDRILL® Australia on YouTube
  •   IDRILL® Australia via email


Real time Australian Drilling Industry 'News' from our members.